What are the reasons of popularity of Cloud Computing architecture?

These days Cloud Computing is one of the most favorite architecture among organizations for their systems. Following are some of the reasons for popularity of Cloud Computing architecture:

  • IoT: With the Internet of Things, there are many types of machines joining the Internet and creating various types of interactions. In such a scenario, Cloud Computing serves well to provide scalable interfaces to communicate between the machines in IoT.
  • Big Data: Another major trend in today‚Äôs computing is Big Data. With Big Data there is very large amount of user / machine data that is generated. Using in-house solution to handle Big Data is very costly and capital intensive. In Cloud Computing we can handle Big Data very easily since we do not have to worry about capital costs.
  • Mobile Devices: A large number of users are going to Mobile computing. With a mobile device users can access a service from any location. To handle wide-variety of mobile devices, standard interfaces of Cloud Computing are very useful.
  • Viral Content: With growth of Social Media, content and media is getting viral i.e. It takes very short time to increase the traffic exponentially on a server. In such a scenario Auto-scaling of Cloud Computing architecture can handle such spikes very easily.