What are the main features of Classic Load Balancer in EC2?

Some of the main features of Classic Load Balancer (CLB) in Amazon EC2 are as follows:

  • Health Check: Based on the result of Health Check, Classic Load Balancer can decide to route the traffic. If any instance has unhealthy results, CLB will not route the traffic to that instance.
  • Security: We can create security groups for CLB in Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). With these features, it is easy to implement secure load balancing within a network.
  • High Availability: With CLB, we can distribute traffic among EC2 instances in single or multiple Availability Zones. This helps in providing very high scale of availability for the incoming traffic.
  • Sticky Sessions: CLB also supports sticky session by using cookies. The sticky sessions make sure that the traffic from a user is always routed to the same instance so that user gets seamless experience.
  • IPv6: CLB also support Internet Protocol version 6.
  • Operational Monitoring: We can also perform operational monitoring CLB and collect statistics on request count, latency etc. These metrics can be monitored in CloudWatch.