What are the main components of Eucalyptus cloud architecture?

The main components of Eucalyptus cloud architecture are as follows:

  • Cloud Controller (CLC): This is the controller that manages virtual resources like servers, network and storage. It is at the highest level in hierarchy. It is a Java program with web interface for outside world. It can do resource scheduling as well as system accounting. There is only one CLC per cloud. It can handle authentication, accounting, reporting and quota management in cloud.
  • Walrus: This is another Java program in Eucalyptus that is equivalent to AWS S3 storage. It provides persistent storage. It also contains images, volumes and snapshots similar to AWS. There is only one Walrus in a cloud.
  • Cluster Controller (CC): It is a C program that is the front end for a Eucalyptus cloud cluster. It can communicate with Storage controller and Node controller. It manages the instance execution in cloud.
  • Storage Controller (SC): It is a Java program equivalent to EBS in AWS. It can interface with Cluster Controller and Node Controller to manage persistent data via Walrus.
  • Node Controller (NC): It is a C program that can host a virtual machine instance. It is at the lowest level in Eucalyptus cloud. It downloads images from Walrus and creates an instance for computing requirements in cloud.
  • VMWare Broker: It is an optional component in Eucalyptus. It provides AWS compatible interface to VMWare environment.