What are the Machine Learning options from Google Cloud?

Google provides a very rich library of Machine Learning options in Google Cloud. Some of these API are:

  • Google Cloud ML: This is a general purpose Machine Learning API in cloud. We can use pre-trained models or generate new models for machine learning with this option.
  • Google Cloud Jobs API: It is an API to link Job Seekers with Opportunities. It is mainly for job search based on skills, demand and location.
  • Google Natural Language API: This API can do text analysis of natural language content. We can use it for analyzing the content of blogs, websites, books etc.
  • Google Cloud Speech API: It is a Speech Recognition API from Google to handle spoken text. It can recognize more than 80 languages and their related variants. It can even transcribe the user speech into written text.
  • Google Cloud Translate API: This API can translate content from one language to another language in cloud.
  • Google Cloud Vision API: It is a powerful API for Image analysis. It can recognize faces and objects in an image. It can even categorize images in multiple relevant categories with a simple REST API call.