What are main components in Google Cloud?

Google is a newer cloud alternative than Amazon. But Google provides many additional features than AWS. Some of the main components of Google Cloud are as follows:

  • Compute Engine: This component provides computing power to Google Cloud users.
  • Cloud Storage: As the name suggests this is a cloud storage solution from Google for storing large files for application use or just serving over the Internet.
  • Cloud Bigtable: It is a Google proprietary database from Google in Cloud. Now users can use this unique database for creating their applications.
  • Cloud Load Balancing: This is a cloud-based load balancing service from Google.
  • BigQuery: It is a data-warehouse solution from Google in Cloud to perform data analytics of large scale.
  • Cloud Machine Learning Platform: It is a powerful cloud based machine learning product from Google to perform machine learning with APIs like- Job Search, Text Analysis, Speech Recognition, Dynamic translation etc.
  • Cloud IAM: This is an Identity and Access management tool from Google to help administrators run the security and authorization/authentication policies of an organization.