Top 50 Information Security Engineer Interview Questions

Introduction: Top 50 Information Security Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

Information Security/ InfoSec is a highly popular trend in technology world. There is a growing demand for Information Security/ InfoSec Engineer jobs in IT Industry. This book contains Information Security Engineer interview questions that an interviewer asks. Each question is accompanied with an answer so that you can prepare for job interview in short time.

We have compiled this list after attending dozens of technical interviews in top-notch companies like- Airbnb, Netflix, Amazon etc.
Often, these questions and concepts are used in our daily work. But these are most helpful when an Interviewer is trying to test your deep knowledge of Information Security. Buy the book on

How will this book help me?

By reading this book, you do not have to spend time searching the Internet for Information Security / InfoSec engineer interview questions. We have already compiled the list of most popular and latest Information Security / InfoSec engineer Interview questions.

Are there answers in this book?

Yes, in this book each question is followed by an answer. So you can save time in interview preparation.

What is the best way of reading this book?

You have to first do a slow reading of all the questions in this book. Once you go through them in the first pass try to go through the difficult questions. After going through this book 2-3 times, you will be well prepared to face Information Security / InfoSec engineer level interview in IT.

What is the level of questions in this book?

This book contains questions that are good for Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer and Principal Engineer level for Information Security.

What are the sample questions in this book?

  • What are the differences between Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption?
  • What is Cross Site Scripting (XSS)?
  • What is a Salted Hash?
  • What is Key Stretching?
  • What is the difference between Black Hat and White Hat hacker?
  • What is SQL Injection?
  • How will you make an application secure against SQL Injection attack?
  • What is Denial of Service (DOS) attack?
  • What is Backscatter in Denial of Service attack?
  • Why it is recommended to use SSH to connect to a server from a Windows computer?
  • What is the use of SSL?
  • What is Billion Laughs?
  • Why SSL is not sufficient for encryption?
  • Is it ok for a user to login as root for performing basic tasks on a system?
  • What is CIA triangle in security?
  • What is Data protection at rest?
  • What are the different ways to authenticate a user?
  • What is Data protection in transit?
  • What is the use of SSL Certificates on the Internet?
  • How can you find if a website is running on Apache Webserver or IIS server?
  • What is Exfiltration?
  • What is a Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS)?
  • What is a Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)?
  • What is the difference between vulnerability and exploit in Software Security?
  • What is the use of Firewall?
  • What is the difference between Information security and Information assurance?
  • Do you think Open Source Software is more vulnerable to security attacks?
  • What is the role of Three-way handshake in creating a DoS attack?
  • What is more dangerous: internal threats or external threats to a software system?
  • How do you use Traceroute to determine breakdown in communication?
  • What is the difference between Diffie-Hellman and RSA protocol?
  • How will you protect system against a brute force attack?