How will you customize your environment in Unix?

In Unix, almost all the popular shells provide options to customize the environment by using environment variables. To make these

What are the popular commands for user management in Unix?

In Unix we use following commands for User Management: id: This command gives the active user id with login and

How will you check the information about a process in Unix?

We can use ps command to check the status of a process in Unix. It is short for Process Status.

What is the use of more command with cat command?

We generally use cat command to display the contents of a file. If a file is very big then the

We wrote a shell script in Unix but it is not doing anything. What could be the reason?

After writing a shell script we have to give it execute permission so that it can be run in Unix

What are the popular options of grep command in Unix?

In Unix, grep is one of the very useful commands. It provides many useful options. Some of the popular options