What is the meaning of “2>&1” in a Unix shell?

In Unix shell file descriptor 1 is for standard output. File description 2 is for standard error. We can use

What is the difference between a Zombie and Orphan process in Unix?

Zombie is a defunct child process in Unix that still has entry in process table. Sometimes a child process is

What are the different outputs from Kill command in Unix?

Kill command in Unix can return following outputs: 0: It means Kill command was successful -1: When we get -1

How will you customize your environment in Unix?

In Unix, almost all the popular shells provide options to customize the environment by using environment variables. To make these

What are the popular commands for user management in Unix?

In Unix we use following commands for User Management: id: This command gives the active user id with login and

What is the significance of 755 in chmod 755 command?

We use chmod command to change the permissions of a file in Unix. In this command we can pass the

How can we run a process in background in Unix? How can we kill a process running in background?

In Unix shell we can use symbol & to run a command in background. E.g. % ls –lrt & Once