Unix Interview Questions Preparation Course

This course contains Top 50 Unix interview questions that are asked in a technical interview. The focus is on commands

How will you find which process is taking most CPU time in Unix?

In Unix, we can use top command to list the CPU time and memory used by various processes. The top

What is the difference between Soft link and Hard link in Unix?

A soft link is a pointer to a file, directory or a program located in a different location. A hard

How will you find which processes are using a file?

We can use lsof command to find the list of Process IDs of the processes that are accessing a file

How will you remove blank lines from a file in Unix?

We can use grep command for this option. Grep command gives –v option to exclude lines that do not match

How will you find the remote hosts that are connecting to your system on a specific port in Unix?

We can use netstat command for this purpose. Netstat command lists the statistics about network connections. We can grep for

How will you check if a remote host is still alive?

We can use one of the networking commands in Unix. It is called ping. With ping command we can ping

How will you get the last executed command in Unix?

We can use history command to get the list commands that were executed in Unix. Since we are only interested