How will you make MySQL system secure against attackers?

We can use following best practices to make MySQL secure against attackers: Password: Each MySQL account should have a password.

How can you protect your MySQL server against Denial of Service attacks?

In a Denial of Service attack, a malicious user may load the server with so many unwanted requests that the

What is the order of privileges in MySQL?

In MySQL, there is a hierarchical system of privileges. The order is as follows: Global Host Level Database Level Table

Is it ok to mention a table name in lower case while creation and in uppercase while retrieving data from MySQL DB?

MySQL is a case sensitive platform. We have to specify the object names in same case all the times. Generally

Why this query does not work in MySQL?

mysql> SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE MY_TABLE.col=1; Unlike other databases, MySQL is case-sensitive in most of the platforms. In the

Can we run Javascript or Python code in MySQL?

MySQL provides a tool called mysqlsh to run Javascript or Python code in a MySQL shell. We can use it

What are user-defined variables in MySQL?

In MySQL we can create user-defined variables. We can store a value in a user-defined variable in one statement and

How will you optimize a SELECT query in MySQL?

We can use following options to increase the speed of a SELECT query in MySQL: Index: We can create index