Sometimes Maven compiles the test classes but doesn’t run them? What could be the reason for it?

In Maven, Surefire plugin is used for running the Tests. We can configure it to run certain test classes. Sometimes

How can we skip the running of tests in Maven?

We can use the parameter -Dmaven.test.skip=true or -DskipTests=true in the command line for skipping the tests. The parameter -Dmaven.test.skip=true skips

Can we create our own directory structure for a project in Maven?

Yes, Maven gives us the flexibility of creating our own directory structure. We just need to configure the elements like

What are the differences between Gradle and Maven?

Gradle is nowadays getting more popular. Google uses it for Android development and release. Companies like LinkedIn also use Gradle.

What is the difference between Inheritance and Multi-module in Maven?

In Maven, we can create a parent project that will pass its values to its children projects. A multi-module project

Where will you find the class files after compiling a Maven project successfully?

Once Maven completes the compilation successfully, it stores the files in target folder. The default location for class files is:

What are the default locations for source, test and build directories in Maven?

The default locations are as follows: Source: src/main/java Test: src/main/test Build: Target

What is the result of jar:jar goal in Maven?

In Maven, jar:jar goal creates a jar file in the Maven build directory. Jar file is create with the name