How TRIM and RPAD functions work in Hive?

TRIM and RPAD functions are for processing String data type in Hive. With TRIM function we can delete the spaces

What are the pros and cons of archiving a partition in Hive?

We can archive some less used partitions in Hive. The main advantage of archiving is that it will decrease the

What are the table generating functions in Hive?

Table generating functions in Hive are user-defined functions like CONCAT that take a single row and give an output of

How can we specify in Hive to load an HDFS file in LOAD DATA?

We have to remove the LOCAL clause from LOAD DATA statement to avoid loading the local file. Once LOCAL clause

What is the use of CLUSTERED BY clause during table creation in Hive?

CLUSTERED BY in Hive is same as DISTRIBUTE BY and SORT BY. When we specify CLUSTERED BY, it will first