What is the use of TOUCH in ALTER statement?

In Hive, TOUCH clause in ALTER statement is used to read the metadata and write it back. This operation will

How does OVERWRITE clause work in CREATE TABLE statement in Hive?

We use OVERWRITE clause in CREATE TABLE statement to delete the existing data and write new data in a Hive

What are the options to connect an application to a Hive server?

We can use following options to connect an application a Hive server: JDBC Driver: We can use JDBC Driver with

How TRIM and RPAD functions work in Hive?

TRIM and RPAD functions are for processing String data type in Hive. With TRIM function we can delete the spaces

How will you recursively access sub-directories in Hive?

We can use following commands in Hive to recursively access sub-directories: hive> Set mapred.input.dir.recursive=true; hive> Set hive.mapred.supports.subdirectories=true; Once above options

What is the optimization that can be done in SELECT * query in Hive?

We can convert some of the SELECT queries in Hive into single FETCH task. With this optimization, latency of SELECT

What is the use of ORC format tables in Hive?

We use Optimized Row Columnar (ORC) file format to store data efficiently in Hive. It is used for performance improvement

What are the main use cases for using Hive?

Hive is mainly used for Datawarehouse applications. Hive used Hadoop and MapReduce that put some restrictions on use cases for