What is the difference between load() and get() method in Hibernate?

In Hibernate, load() and get() methods are quite similar in functionality. The main difference is that load() method will throw

When should we use get() method or load() method in Hibernate?

As a thumb rule we can follow these guidelines:

What is a derived property in Hibernate?

In Hibernate, a derived property is not mapped to any column of a database table. A derived property is computed

Which is the default transaction factory in Hibernate?

In Hibernate, default transaction factory is JDBCTransactionFactory. But we can change it by setting the property hibernate.transaction.factory_class.

What are the options to disable second level cache in Hibernate?

This is a trick question. By default Second level cache is already disabled in Hibernate. In case, your project is

What are the different fetching strategies in Hibernate?

Hibernate 3 onwards there are following fetching strategies to retrieve associated objects: Join fetching: In Join strategy Hibernate uses OUTER

What is the difference between Immediate fetching and Lazy collection fetching?

In Immediate fetching an association, collection or attribute is retrieved at the same time when the owner is loaded. But

What is ‘Extra lazy fetching’ in Hibernate?

In Extra lazy fetching, only individual elements of a collection are fetched from the database when they are required. In