How will you monitor Docker in production?

Docker provides tools like docker stats and docker events to monitor Docker in production. We can get reports on important

What are the Cloud platforms that support Docker?

Some of the popular cloud platforms that support Docker are: Amazon AWS

How can we control the startup order of services in Docker compose?

In Docker compose we can use the depends_on option to control the startup order of services. With compose, the services

Why Docker compose does not wait for a container to be ready before moving on to start next service in dependency order?

The problem with waiting for a container to be ready is that in a Distributed system, some services or hosts

How will you customize Docker compose file for different environments?

In Docker compose there are two files docker-compose.yml and docker-compose.override.yml. We specify our base configuration in docker-compose.yml file. For any

What are the most common instructions in Dockerfile?

Some of the common instructions in Dockerfile are as follows: FROM: We use FROM to set the base image for

What is the purpose of EXPOSE command in Dockerfile?

We use EXPOSE command to inform Docker that Container will listen on a specific network port during runtime. But these