What are the benefits of Continuous Integration (CI)?

The benefits of Continuous Integration (CI) are as follows: CI makes the current build constantly available for testing, demo and

What are the options for security in Jenkins?

In Jenkins, it is very important to make the system secure by setting user authentication and authorization. To do this

What are the main benefits of Ansible?

Ansible is a powerful tool for IT Automation for large scale and complex deployments. It increases the productivity of team.

What are the popular DevOps tools that you use?

We use following tools for work in DevOps: Jenkins: This is an open source automation server used as a continuous

What is the typical DevOps workflow you use in your organization?

The typical DevOps workflow in our organization is as follows: We use Atlassian Jira for writing requirements and tracking tasks.

How do you take DevOps approach with Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide many tools and features to deploy and manage applications in AWS. As per DevOps, we