How do you apply DevOps principles to make system Secure?

Security of a system is one of the most important goals for an organization. We use following ways to apply

How does Kubernetes provide high availability of applications in a Cluster?

In a Kubernetes cluster, there is a Deployment Controller. This controller monitors the instances created by Kubernetes in a cluster.

Why Automated Testing is a must requirement for DevOps?

In DevOps approach we release software with high frequency to production. We have to run tests to gain confidence on

How do you perform Test Automation in DevOps?

We use Jenkins to create automated flows to run Automation tests. The first part of test automation is to develop

What are the main services of AWS that you have used?

We use following main services of AWS in our environment: EC2: This is the Elastic Compute Cloud by Amazon. It

Why GIT is considered better than CVS for version control system?

GIT is a distributed system. In GIT, any person can create its own branch and start checking in the code.

What is the difference between a Container and a Virtual Machine?

We need to select an Operating System (OS) to get a specific Virtual Machine (VM). VM provides full OS to