Can we lose our data when a Docker Container exits?

A Docker Container has its own file-system. In an application running on Docker Container we can write to this file-system.

What is Self-testing Code?

Self-testing Code is an important feature of DevOps culture. In DevOps culture, development team members are expected to write self-testing

What is a Deployment Pipeline?

A Deployment Pipeline is an important concept in Continuous Delivery. In Deployment Pipeline we break the build process into distinct

What are the main features of Docker Hub?

Docker Hub provides following main features: Image Repositories: In Docker Hub we can push, pull, find and manage Docker Images.

What are the security benefits of using Container based system?

Some of the main security benefits of using a Container based system are as follows: Segregation: In a Container based

How many heads can you create in a GIT repository?

There can be any number of heads in a GIT repository. By default there is one head known as HEAD

What are the common use cases of Docker?

Some of the common use cases of Docker are as follows: Setting up Development Environment: We can use Docker to