Can we lose our data when a Docker Container exits?

A Docker Container has its own file-system. In an application running on Docker Container we can write to this file-system.

What are the main features of Docker Hub?

Docker Hub provides following main features: Image Repositories: In Docker Hub we can push, pull, find and manage Docker Images.

What are the security benefits of using Container based system?

Some of the main security benefits of using a Container based system are as follows: Segregation: In a Container based

How many heads can you create in a GIT repository?

There can be any number of heads in a GIT repository. By default there is one head known as HEAD

What are the common use cases of Docker?

Some of the common use cases of Docker are as follows: Setting up Development Environment: We can use Docker to

What is Self-testing Code?

Self-testing Code is an important feature of DevOps culture. In DevOps culture, development team members are expected to write self-testing

What is a Deployment Pipeline?

A Deployment Pipeline is an important concept in Continuous Delivery. In Deployment Pipeline we break the build process into distinct