What is the difference between Builder design pattern and Factory design pattern?

Both Factory and Builder patterns are creational design patterns. They are similar in nature but Factory pattern is a simplified

What is a Data Access Object (DAO) design pattern?

DAO design pattern is used in the data persistent layer of a Java application. It mainly uses OOPS principle of

Which is the design pattern used in Android applications?

Android applications predominantly use Model View Presenter design pattern.

View: These are the UI components in your application. These

How can we prevent users from creating more than one instance of singleton object by using clone() method?

First we should not implement the Cloneable interface by the object that is a Singleton. Second, if we have to

What is the use of Interceptor design pattern?

Interceptor design pattern is used for intercepting a request. Primary use of this pattern is in Security policy implementation. We

What are the Architectural patterns that you have used?

Architectural patterns are used to define the architecture of a Software system. Some of the patterns are as follows: MVC:

What are the popular uses of Façade design pattern?

Some of the popular uses of Façade design pattern are as follows:

What is Builder design pattern?

Builder design pattern is a creational design pattern. We can use Builder pattern to create complex objects with multiple options.