Cloud Computing Interview Questions Preparation Course

Cloud Computing is the latest trend in Software Architecture. This course covers the important questions on Cloud Computing architecture that

What are main components in Google Cloud?

Google is a newer cloud alternative than Amazon. But Google provides many additional features than AWS. Some of the main

What are the major offerings of Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Microsoft is a relatively new entrant to Cloud computing with Azure cloud offering. Some of the main products of Microsoft

What are the reasons of popularity of Cloud Computing architecture?

These days Cloud Computing is one of the most favorite architecture among organizations for their systems. Following are some of

What are the Machine Learning options from Google Cloud?

Google provides a very rich library of Machine Learning options in Google Cloud. Some of these API are: Google Cloud

How will you optimize the Cloud Computing environment?

In a Cloud Computing environment we pay by usage. In such a scenario our usage costs are much higher. To

Do you think Regulations and Legal Compliance is an important aspect of Cloud Computing?

Yes, in Cloud Computing we are using resources that are owned by the Cloud provider. Due to this our data

How is Cloud computing different from computing for mobile devices?

Since Mobile devices are getting connected to the Internet in large numbers, we often use Cloud computing for Mobile devices.

Why automation of deployment is very important in Cloud architecture?

One of the main reasons for selecting Cloud architecture is scalability of the system. In case of heavy load, we