Amazon Web Services Interview Questions Preparation Course

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What types of issues do you face while connecting to an EC2 instance?

Some of the possible connection issues with EC2 instance are: Connection time out Permission denied due to host key not

What is a schedule in AWS Data Pipeline?

In AWS Data Pipeline we can define a Schedule. The Schedule contains the information about when will pipeline activities run

What is the main framework behind Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)?

Apache Hadoop is the main framework behind Amazon EMR. It is a distributed data processing engine. Hadoop is Open source

What are different states in AWS EMR cluster?

AWS EMR has following cluster states: STARTING – In this state, cluster provisions, starts, and configures EC2 instances BOOTSTRAPPING –

When should we use a Classic Load Balancer vs. an Application load balancer?

A Classic Load Balancer is used for simple load balancing of traffic across multiple EC2 instances. An Application Load Balancer

What is the difference between AWS Data Pipeline and Amazon Simple Workflow Service?

AWS Data pipeline is mainly used for data driven workflows that are popular in Big Data systems. AWS Data pipeline

What is the difference between Region, Availability Zone and Endpoint in AWS?

In AWS, every region is an independent environment. Within a Region there can be multiple Availability Zones. Every Availability Zone

How will you scale an Amazon EC2 instance vertically?

We can use following steps to scale an Amazon EC2 instance: Step 1: Start an EC2 instance that is larger