What is your view on Automation?

Sample answer is:
Automation is at the heart of every business process. With the automation of each step in a process we not only save costs, but also we can scale the process as per our needs.

Let my explain by an example. Let say one checkout person in a library is able to checkout 100 students in a day. To handle 1000 students in a day, we will need 10 checkout persons. Also if it takes 1.5 minutes to checkout 1 student manually, it will take 150 minutes to checkout 100 students.

If we automate the checkout process, we can set up self-service counter that can checkout students. In case of any growth of students, we just need to add another checkout terminal.

Also we can reduce the time it takes to checkout a book. If we reduce time to 30 seconds from 1.5 minutes, then we can handle 3 times load on the same day.

Therefore, Automation is helpful in saving resources as well as in achieving higher levels of scale.

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