What is the typical DevOps workflow you use in your organization?

The typical DevOps workflow in our organization is as follows:

  • We use Atlassian Jira for writing requirements and tracking tasks.
  • Based on the Jira tasks, developers checkin code into GIT version control system.
  • The code checked into GIT is built by using Apache Maven.
  • The build process is automated with Jenkins.
  • During the build process, automated tests run to validate the code checked in by developer.
  • Code built on Jenkins is sent to organization’s Artifactory.
  • Jenkins automatically picks the libraries from Artifactory and deploys it to Production.
  • During Production deployment Docker images are used to deploy same code on multiple hosts.
  • Once code is deployed to Production, we use Nagios to monitor the health of production servers.
  • Splunk based alerts inform us of any issues or exceptions in production.

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