What is the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE in SQL?

Main differences between DELETE and TRUNCATE commands are:

  • DML vs. DDL: DELETE is a Data Manipulation Language (DML) command. TRUNCATE is a Data Definition Language (DDL) command.
  • Number of Rows: We can use DELETE command to remove one or more rows from a table. TRUNCATE command will remove all the rows from a table.
  • WHERE clause: DELETE command provides support for WHERE clause that can be used to filter the data that we want to delete. TRUNCATE command can only delete all the rows. There is no WHERE clause in TRUNCATE command.
  • Commit: After DELETE command we have to issue COMMIT or ROLLBACK command to confirm our changes. After TRUNCATE command there is no need to run COMMIT. Changes done by TRUNCATE command can not be rolled back.

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