What is the basic Data Model in Amazon DynamoDB?

The basic Data Model in Amazon DynamoDB consists of following components:

  • Table: In DynamoDB, a Table is collection of data items. It is similar to a table in a Relational Database. There can be infinite number of items in a Table. There has to be one Primary key in a Table.
  • <li><strong>Item</strong>: An Item in DynamoDB is made up of a primary key or composite key and a variable number of attributes. The number of attributes in an Item is not bounded by a limit. But total size of an Item can be maximum 400 kilobytes.</li>
    <li><strong>Attribute</strong>: In DynamoDB, we can associate an Attribute with an Item. We can set a name as well as one or more values in an Attribute. Total size of data in an Attribute is maximum 400 kilobytes.</li>

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