What is the architecture in your company?

Whether you are applying for a junior position or a very experienced position in Software industry, you have to be prepared to answer this question. The level of details in this question can vary.

The focus of this question should be more on the architecture of your project and then on the architecture of the whole product.

The answer to this question contains details about the software and design that you are using for front-end, back-end, database, reporting and development.

You should be able to describe the business flow all the way from Client request to server processing and final response back to Client. You can also include the names of software in your answer.

One tip for answering this question is that you should also be able to answer any follow up questions on the details mentioned in the answer.

Though we are writing a sample answer, it has to vary according to the architecture in your organization.

Sample answer is:
In our project we use 3-tier architecture. We have presentation layer of User Interface written in AngularJS.

For business layer we use Spring framework. In database layer we use Hibernate with MySQL server in backend.

We have four Apache Webservers in our cluster that are load balanced. There are four application servers that run Tomcat server. There are two MySQL servers out of which one is read only copy of another server. For read only API requests we use Read only copy.

In the Deployment pipeline, we use Maven and Jenkins. Maven is the build tool for artifacts. Jenkins is used for automation of the build and deployment process.

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