What does your typical day look like?

This is an opportunity to present your best day in front of interviewer. Its is advisable to limit yourself to your working day and working hours.

Do not start with when you get up in the morning!

Sample answer is:

I am an early riser. I reach office by 8:30 am. I start my day with writing the list of tasks that I aim to finish on that day. First two hours of the day I spend writing code for the stories that I am working on.

Then I attend my standup meeting and provide status. I discuss my progress with team members. After the meeting, we discuss the design for upcoming story. Then I continue development on my work.

During lunch, I try to join some team member or a senior member to discuss new trends in technology and architecture. At times, I attend lunch and learn sessions to increase my knowledge.

After lunch I spend time on discussing new requirements with product manager. I allocate at least 30 minutes every day for peer code review. In the late after noon I again spend time on code and unit test development to finish my tasks of the day.

At the end of the day, I go through my list again and prepare agenda for next day.

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