What are your strengths?

It is always good to be prepared with this question. You should tell your strengths relevant to the career.

Sample Answer is:
My biggest strength is my enthusiasm. I like taking challenging work. I have worked on XYZ project that was very challenging due to tight deadline from the client. I found a way of solving it in shorter duration by using an open source library.

I also have strong work ethic. I like being punctual to all my meetings. I always take my deadlines very seriously and try to honor them with the best of my ability.

I have interests in technology. So I keep on increasing my knowledge by reading technical blogs. This helps me in keeping up to date with the technology changes.

Some of the other Strengths are:

  • Attention to detail
  • Positive attitude
  • Working on Production Support
  • Sense of ownership for work delivered
  • Team person
  • Expert in an area like- multi threading, collections

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