What are your biggest weaknesses?

This question is asked to look for any gaps in your ability or experience. Some people try to answer this question in a smart way by projecting a strong point as weakness. Like- I am a perfectionist. Due to this I spend more time on a task.

In my view most of the interviewers know this technique. So we should be honest in telling our weakness. Always tell a weakness followed by action that you are taking to overcome it. It gives very bad impression if you tell a weakness without an action plan.

But never tell a weakness that can raise the red flag for not hiring you. If you are applying for Java job, you cannot be weak in Java skills.

Sample answer is

My greatest weakness is that I cannot say no to people. This can lead to overwork. I am working on it by telling the constraints that can delay a work.

I feel that my people skills can be stronger. Though I am a good team player, I sometimes make mistake of giving strong feedback to a new team member. I am working on it by first understanding a new team member and then giving feedback.

I am not very good in estimation of work. I am working on maintaining a log to record the time taken for a task. So that I can correctly estimate work.

Sometimes I feel shy speaking in front of large group of people. I am planning to take presentation skills training to overcome this weakness.

Some other weaknesses are:

  • Email Communication
  • Lack of humor
  • Not good at delegating tasks
  • Shy at giving constructive criticism
  • Multi-tasking

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