What are the use cases of Cross Region Replication Amazon S3?

We can use Cross Region Replication Amazon S3 to make copies of an object across buckets in different AWS Regions. This copying takes place automatically and in an asynchronous mode.
We have to add replication configuration on our source bucket in S3 to make use of Cross Region Replication. It will create exact replicas of the objects from source bucket to destination buckets in different regions.
Some of the main use cases of Cross Region Replication are as follows:

  • Compliance: Some times there are laws/regulatory requirements that ask for storing data at farther geographic locations. This kind of compliance can be achieved by using AWS Regions that are spread across the world.
  • Failover: At times, we want to minimize the probability of system failure due to complete blackout in a region. We can use Cross-Region Replication in such a scenario.
  • Latency: In case we are serving multiple geographies, it makes sense to replicate objects in the geographical Regions that are closer to end customer. This helps in reducing the latency.

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