What are the Three Ways of DevOps?

Three Ways of DevOps refers to three basic principles of DevOps culture. These are as follows:

  • The First Way: Systems Thinking: In this principle we see the DevOps as a flow of work from left to right. This is the time taken from Code check in to the feature being released to End customer. In DevOps culture we try to identify the bottlenecks in this.
  • The Second Way: Feedback Loops: Whenever there is an issue in production it is a feedback about the whole development and deployment process. We try to make the feedback loop more efficient so that teams can get the feedback much faster. It is a way of catching defect much earlier in process than it being reported by customer.
  • The Third Way: Continuous Learning: We make use of first and second way principles to keep on making improvements in the overall process. This is the third principle in which over the time we make the process and our operations highly efficient, automated and error free by continuously improving them.

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