What are the main uses of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)?

Amazon EC2 provides scalable computing resources for creating a software infrastructure. It is very easy to deploy application in Amazon E2. Main uses of EC2 are:

  • Easy Configuration: We can easily configure our servers in EC2 and manage the capacity.
  • Control: EC2 provides complete control of computing resources even to developers. A user can run the EC2 environment according to his/her system’s needs.
  • Fast Reboot: It is very fast to reboot the instances in EC2. It reduces the overall deployment and development time.
  • Scalability: In EC2 we can create a highly scalable environment based on the load that is expected on our application.
  • Resilient: It is very easy to create and terminate servers in EC2. Due to this we can develop resilient applications in EC2.
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