What are the main security concerns with Docker based containers?

Docker based containers have following security concerns:

  • Kernel Sharing: In a container-based system, multiple containers share same Kernel. If one container causes Kernel to go down, it will take down all the containers. In a virtual machine environment we do not have this issue.
  • Container Leakage: If a malicious user gains access to one container, it can try to access the other containers on the same host. If a container has security vulnerabilities it can allow the user to access other containers on same host machine.
  • Denial of Service: If one container occupies the resources of a Kernel then other containers will starve for resources. It can create a Denial of Service attack like situation.
  • Tampered Images: Sometimes a container image can be tampered. This can lead to further security concerns. An attacker can try to run a tampered image to exploit the vulnerabilities in host machines and other containers.
  • Secret Sharing: Generally one container can access other services. To access a service it requires a Key or Secret. A malicious user can gain access to this secret. Since multiple containers share the secret, it may lead to further security concerns.
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