What are the main features of Maven?

Some of the main features of Maven are:

  • Simple: Maven provides simple project setup that is based on best practices.
  • Fast: You can get a new project or module started in a few seconds in Maven.
  • Easy to learn: Maven usage and commands are easy to learn across all projects. Therefore ramp up time for new developers coming onto a project is very less.
  • Dependency management: Maven provides superior dependency management including automatic updates and transitive dependencies.
  • Multiple Projects: You can easily work with multiple projects at the same time by using Maven.
  • Large Library: Maven has a large and growing repository of libraries and metadata to use out of the box.
  • Extensible: Maven supports the ability to easily write plugins in Java or scripting languages for extending its core functionality.
  • Instant: Maven is online and it provides instant access to new features with very less configuration.

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