What are the main features of AWS OpsWorks Stacks?

Some of the main features of AWS OpsWorks Stacks are as follows:

  • Server Support: AWS OpsWorks Stacks we can automate operational tasks on any server in AWS as well as our own data center.
  • Scalable Automation: We get automated scaling support with AWS OpsWorks Stacks. Each new instance in AWS can read configuration from OpsWorks. It can even respond to system events in same way as other instances do.
  • Dashboard: We can create dashboards in OpsWorks to display the status of all the stacks in AWS.
  • Configuration as Code: AWS OpsWorks Stacks are built on the principle of “Configuration as Code”. We can define and maintain configurations like application source code. Same configuration can be replicated on multiple servers and environments.
  • Application Support: OpsQorks supports almost all kinds of applications. So it is universal in nature.