What are the main features of Application Load Balancer (ALB) in Amazon EC2?

Main features of Application Load Balancer (ALB) are as follows:
Content-Based Routing: In ALB, we can make use of content in the request to decide the routing of a request to a specific service.

  • HTTP/2: ALB supports the new version of HTTP protocol. In this protocol, we can send multiple requests on same connection. It also supports TLS and header compression.
  • WebSockets: ALB supports WebSockets in EC2. With WebSockets, a server can exchange real-time messages with the end-users.
  • Layer-7 Load Balancing: ALB can also load balance HTTP/HTTPS application with layer-7 specific features.
  • Delete Protection: ALB also provides Delete Protection option by which we can prevent it from getting deleted by mistake.
  • Containerized Application Support: We can use ALB to load balance multiple containers across multiple ports on same EC2 instance.

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