What are the main features of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)?

    There are following main features of Amazon EC2:

  • Instance: EC2 has instances in place of real hardware. An instance is a virtual computing environment with memory and compute capability.
  • Amazon Machine Images (AMI): In EC2 there are preconfigured templates for our instances. These are known as Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). We can create an AMI with the software that we need to start and run the server. It contains Operating System as well as other software.
  • Configuration: Amazon EC2 supports multiple configurations of CPU, memory, networking and storage capacity for instances.
  • Security: Amazon EC2 provides security in AWS by using public private key value pairs. We store public key in AWS and keep the private key in a secure place.
  • Elastic Block Store (EBS): With EC2 we can use EBS to persist the large amount of data.
  • Availability Zones: We can deploy our applications in multiple geographic locations called Availability Zones in AWS EC2.
  • Elastic IP Address: We can use static IP addresses for dynamic cloud computing in EC2. These IP addresses help in scaling and maintain high availability of the application in AWS.
  • Firewall: AWS EC2 also supports the firewall that can be used to specify the protocol, port and source IP range allowed to access instances in EC2.