What are the main differences between GIT and SVN?

The main differences between GIT and SVN are:

<li><strong>Decentralized</strong>: GIT is decentralized. You have a local copy that is a repository in which you can commit. In SVN you have to always connect to a central repository for check-in.</li>

<li><strong>Complex to learn</strong>: GIT is a bit difficult to learn for some developers. It has more concepts and commands to learn. SVN is much easier to learn.</li>

<li><strong>Unable to handle Binary files</strong>: GIT becomes slow when it deals with large binary files that change frequently. SVN can handle large binary files easily.</li>

<li><strong>Internal directory</strong>: GIT creates only .git directory. SVN creates .svn directory in each folder.</li>

<li><strong>User Interface</strong>: GIT does not have good UI. But SVN has good user interfaces.</li>

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