What are the main components of Hive?

Main components of Hive are as follows:

  • Hive Driver: Hive Driver receives queries from users. It handles sessions and provides commands to execute and fetch APIs that are similar to JDBC/ODBC interface.
  • Metastore: All the Metadata information about Hive tables and partitions is stored in Metastore. It also maintains information about columns and column types. It knows about the serializers and deserializers that are used in reading and writing data to corresponding HDFS files.
  • Hive Compiler: The compiler in Hive parses queries and performs semantic analysis on different query blocks and query expressions. It also generates the execution plan for looking up data from tables and partitions.
  • Execution Engine: This is the Hive component that executes the execution plan created by compiler. The Execution engine manages the dependencies between different stages of the execution plan. It executes different stages of Execution plan on the relevant system components.
  • User Interface (UI): Hive provides a UI for users to interact with the system. Users can submit queries and execute other operations on the system.

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