What are the main characteristics of Cloud Computing architecture?

Main characteristics of Cloud Computing architecture are as follows:

  • Elasticity: In Cloud Computing system is highly elastic in the sense that it can easily adapt itself to increase or decrease in load. There is no need to take urgent actions when there is surge in traffic requests.
  • Self-service provisioning: In Cloud environment users can provision new resources on their own by just calling some APIs. There is no need to fill forms and order actual hardware from vendors.
  • Automated de-provisioning: In case demand/load decreases, extra resources can be automatically shut down in Cloud computing environment.
  • Standard Interface: There are standard interfaces to start, stop, suspend or remove an instance in Cloud environment. Most of the services are accessible via public and standard APIs in Cloud computing.
  • Usage based Billing: In a Cloud environment, users are charged for their usage of resources. They can forecast their bill and costs based on the growth they are expecting in their load.

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