What are the main benefits of using Amazon DynamoDB?

Amazon DynamoDB is a highly scalable NoSQL database that has very fast performance. Some of the main benefits of using Amazon DynamoDB are as follows:

  • Administration: In Amazon DynamoDB, we do not have to spend effort on administration of database. There are no servers to provision or manage. We just create our tables and start using them.
  • Scalability: DynamoDB provides the option to specify the capacity that we need for a table. Rest of the scalability is done under the hood by DynamoDB.
  • Fast Performance: Even at a very high scale, DynamoDB delivers very fast performance with low latency. It will use SSD and partitioning behind the scenes to achieve the throughput that a user specifies.
  • Access Control: We can integrate DynamoDB with IAM to create fine-grained access control. This can keep our data secure in DynamoDB.
  • Flexible: DynamoDB supports both document and key-value data structures. So it helps in providing flexibility of selecting the right architecture for our application.
  • Event Driven: We can also make use of AWS Lambda with DynamoDB to perform any event driven programming. This option is very useful for ETL tasks.

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