What are the main benefits of GIT?

There are following main benefits of GIT:

  • Distributed System: GIT is a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS). So you can keep your private work in version control but completely hidden from others. You can work offline as well.
  • Flexible Workflow: GIT allows you to create your own workflow. You can use the process that is suitable for your project. You can go for centralized or master-slave or any other workflow.
  • Fast: GIT is very fast when compared to other version control systems.
  • Data Integrity: Since GIT uses SHA1, data is not easier to corrupt.
  • Free: It is free for personal use. So many amateurs use it for their initial projects. It also works very well with large size project.
  • Collaboration: GIT is very easy to use for projects in which collaboration is required. Many popular open source software across the globe use GIT.

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