What are the large-scale databases available in Cloud?

In Cloud computing scale is not a limit. So there are very large-scale databases available from cloud providers. Some of these are:

  • Amazon DynamoDB: Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a NoSQL web service called DynamoDB that provides highly available and partition tolerant database system. It has a multi-master design. It uses synchronous replication across multiple datacenters. We can easily integrate it with MapReduce and Elastic MapReduce of AWS.
  • Google Bigtable: This is a very large-scale high performance cloud based database option from Google. It is available on Google Cloud. It can be scaled to peta bytes. It is a Google proprietary implementation. In Bigtable, two arbitrary string values, row key and column key, and timestamp are mapped to an arbitrary byte array. In Bigtable MapReduce algorithm is used for modifying and generating the data.
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database: Microsoft Azure provides cloud based SQL database that can be scaled very easily for increased demand. It has very good security features and it can be even used to build multi-tenant apps to service multiple customers in cloud.

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