What are the important components of IAM?

The important components of IAM are as follows:
IAM User: An IAM User is a person or service that will interact with AWS. User can sign into AWS Management Console for performing tasks in AWS.

  • IAM Group: An IAM Group is a collection of IAM users. We can specify permission to an IAM Group. This helps in managing large number of IAM users. We can simply add or remove an IAM User to an IAM Group to manage the permissions.
  • IAM Role: An IAM Role is an identity to which we give permissions. A Role does not have any credentials (password or access keys). We can temporarily give an IAM Role to an IAM User to perform certain tasks in AWS.
  • IAM Permission: In IAM we can create two types of Permissions. Identity based and Resource based. We can create a Permission to access or perform an action on an AWS Resource and assign it to a User, Role or Group. We can also create Permissions on resources like S3 bucket, Glacier vault etc and specify who has access to the resource.
  • IAM Policy: An IAM Policy is a document in which we list permissions to specify Actions, Resources and Effects. This document is in JSON format. We can attach a Policy to an IAM User or Group.

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