What are the different types of Datacenters in Cloud computing?

Cloud computing consists of different types of Datacenters linked in a grid structure. The main types of Datacenters in Cloud computing are:

  • Containerized DatacenterAs the name suggests, containerized datacenter provides high level of customization for an organization. These are traditional kind of datacenters. We can choose the different types of servers, memory, network and other infrastructure resources in this datacenter. Also we have to plan temperature control, network management and power management in this kind of datacenter.
  • Low-Density DatacentersIn a Low-density datacenter, we get high level of performance. In such a datacenter if we increase the density of servers, the issue with power comes. With high density of servers, the area gets heated. In such a scenario, effective heat and power management is done. To reach high level of performance, we have to optimize the number of servers’ in the datacenter.

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