What are the different deployment models in Cloud computing?

Cloud computing supports following deployment models:

  • Private Cloud: Some companies build their private cloud. A private cloud is a fully functional platform that is owned, operated and used by only one organization.Primary reason for private cloud is security. Many companies feel secure in private cloud. The other reasons for building private cloud are strategic decisions or control of operations.

    There is also a concept of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). In VPC, private cloud is built and operated by a hosting company. But it is exclusively used by one organization.

  • Public Cloud: There are cloud platforms by some companies that are open for general public as well as big companies for use and deployment. E.g. Google Apps, Amazon Web Services etc.The public cloud providers focus on layers and application like- cloud application, infrastructure management etc. In this model resources are shared among different organizations.
  • Hybrid Cloud: The combination of public and private cloud is known as Hybrid cloud. This approach provides benefits of both the approaches- private and public cloud. So it is very robust platform.A client gets functionalities and features of both the cloud platforms. By using Hybrid cloud an organization can create its own cloud as well as they can pass the control of their cloud to another third party.

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