What are the differences between Ant and Maven?

Key differences between Ant and Maven are:

  • Ant is a Java library and command line toolbox for build process. Maven is a framework for many aspects of software development like- project setup, compile, build, documentation etc.
  • Ant does not have any conventions for project structure or build processes. Maven has conventions for setting up project structure as well as for build processes.
  • Ant is based on procedural programming. We have to write code for compilation build, copy etc. Maven is based on declarative programming. We have to just configure it for our project setup and programming.
  • Ant does not impose any lifecycle. We need to create the sequence of tasks manually. Maven has a lifecycle for software build processes. There are well-defined phases that we can use in Maven.
  • Ant scripts are not reusable in multiple projects. Maven has plugins that are reusable across multiple projects.

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