What are the best practices to ensure the security of an application in cloud?

    Following are the best practices to ensure the security of a cloud based application:

  • Latest Patches: We should regularly download patches from a third party vendor’s web site and update our Amazon Machine Images (AMI).
  • Amazon Machine Image (AMI): It is advisable to redeploy server instances from the new Amazon Machine Images (AMI) and test the applications for any regression failure. The new patches should not break the existing functionality.
  • Uniform Deployment: We have to ensure that all the instances are deployed with the latest AMI.
  • Test Automation: Automated test scripts have to be developed to run periodic security checks on applications in cloud.
  • Third Party: All the third-party software in cloud should be configured with the most secure settings.
  • Admin User: Whenever possible, the running of any process as a root or Administrator login should be avoided.