What are the benefits of AWS Storage Gateway?

We can use AWS Storage Gateway (ASG) service to connect our local infrastructure for files etc with Amazon cloud services for storage.
Some of the main benefits of AWS Storage Gateway are as follows:

  • Local Use: We can use ASG to integrate our data in multiple Amazon Storage Services like- S3, Glacier etc with our local systems. We can continue to use our local systems seamlessly.
  • Performance: ASG provides better performance by caching data in local disks. Though data stays in cloud, but the performance we get is similar to that of local storage.
  • Easy to use: ASG provides a virtual machine to use it by an easy to use interface. There is no need to install any client or provision rack space for using ASG. These virtual machines can work in local system as well as in AWS.
  • Scale: We get the storage at a very high scale with ASG. Since backend in ASG is Amazon cloud, it can handle large amounts of workloads and storage needs.
  • Optimized Transfer: ASG performs many optimizations, due to which only the changes to data are transferred. This helps in minimizing the use of bandwidth.

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